How should I water my plants?

How should I water my plants?

Watering plants can bring a million scenarios. Let`s make it simple and easy.

See bellow 3 tips of how you should water your plants:

  1. Drainage holes please! This is non negotiable. Plants need drainage. Oxygen has to move freely to avoid root rot and to allow them to reach their full potential. If your planter does not have holes, the chances of root issues will be huge. Root issues = plant not developing well. You don`t want that!
  2. Use enough water to fully saturate the soil and drain out. Watering with a little splash of water is okay, especially on busy days. BUT your plants will love you even more if you drench the soil until you see water coming out from the drainage holes. That is a way of optimising how the roots absorb the nutes. (Check the previous post to see WHEN.)
  3. Feed them! Only water is not enough. Just like us, plants need food and preferably good food. Food with the correct amount of nutrients they need. Each plant is different, remember?

And talking about food…

Use Plant Potion Grow to feed your plants that have green foliage: Devil Ivys, Monsteras, Alocasias, Palm trees, Ferns, Snake plants…

Use Plant Potion Bloom to feed your plants that have flowers or fruits: Peace Lilies, Orchids, African Violets, Anthuriums, Tomatoes, Strawberries…

Use Plant Potion Remedy combined with Grow / Bloom to gently feed them through their leaves, protecting and boosting their immune system.

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