Monstera Deliciosa Care tips

Monstera Deliciosa Care tips

Hello Monstera lovers,

Let`s talk about this magnificent tropical beauty, Monstera Deliciosa. Also known as Swiss Cheese Plant due to the holes in its leaves. Native to tropical forests of Mexico and Panama.

See below some 5 care tips for you Monstera:

  1. Let there be LIGHT. Monsteras love bright light. They will tolerate living in low light, but they will grow very slow and possibly leggy. Give them bright, indirect sunlight.
  1. Healthy Soil. It thrives most in well-drained, moderately moist soil.

If you bought your Monstera (or any other plant) at that place called Bu****ings and it has been sitting in the same potting mix since then, do yourself and your plants a favor: Buy some Premium potting mix to repot it ASAP. You can also buy some Pebbles/Clay balls and fill the bottom of your pot with it to give it a better drainage.

  1. It will depend on the size of your plant/pot + external conditions. The best tip is to feel with your fingers how wet the soil is. Mine I water once a week. Water your Monstera until excess drains through drainage holes. They prefer well-drained, moderately moist soil. Not too wet, not too dry. Got it?
  1. Those beauties are tropical plants and looove humidity! If you notice the tips of your Monstera turning brown it may be trying to tell you that the air is too DRY. If that happens you need to try misting the leaves. How? With a good foliar spray. Plant Potion Remedy is the best you can use to moist your plants.
  1. Just like us, plants need nutrients. I recommend fertilising your Monstera once a week with Plant Potion Grow. Grow is high in Nitrogen, your Monstera favorite food. They will grow stronger, and those annoying bugs won`t even come close.


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