When should I water my plants?

When should I water my plants?

Watering a plant is definitely the most important thing when it comes to plant care and because there are a million tips on the internet it can be quite confusing to understand the “WHEN” and “HOW”.

Bellow I will simplify in 3 tips to make it easy for you – and the 3rd one is perhaps the most important.

  1. Don`t follow other people schedules.

There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to watering. What type of plant is it? How much light is it getting? What type of pot is the plant growing? What time of the year is it? SO many factors involved what means you should not follow random person`s watering schedules.

  1. Keep in mind what you plant needs.

Some plants won’t drink much, others will be dramatically thirsty. Some will love full sun; others will prefer the shade. Each plant is different.

For an example:

Cacti or succulents like the soil to dry out COMPLETELY before the next watering.

Tropical Plants (Devil Ivys, Monsteras, Alocasias…) like to soil to dry SLIGHTLY without going completely dry.

    3. Check the soil with your fingers to see when to water.

This is the best method ever, you can`t go wrong.  Stick your fingers in up to the second knuckle. How does the soil feel? Is there some moisture still?

Option 1: Soil is easily brushed off, and not sticking to your fingers at all = for sure time to water.

Option 2: Soil is sticking to your hands and needs to be washed off = plant does not need to be watered.

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