5 Care Tips For Your Peace Lilly

5 Care Tips For Your Peace Lilly

Lush, green foliage, graceful white blooms and grandma house memories. Peace lilies have been popular for generations and are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also one of the easiest indoor plants to care for. Excellent for helping keep indoor air clean and fresh. It is recognised as one of the best natural indoor air-purifiers, as it will help strip harmful VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) from the air.

5 care tips for your Peace Lilly

1- Light

They can do well without or without light. But they will look different depending on the amount of light you give. A lot of light = showstopper blooming flowers. Low light = more foliage and less flowers. Important to mention that they don't like direct full sun, ok?

2- Soil

It thrives most in well-drained, moderately moist soil. Just like any plant that grows in a pot, peace lilies will grow too big for the original container and you will need to repot. Sometimes, you can even see the roots getting to the surface of the soil. That's when the repotting gets in action!

3- Water

Those girls are dramatic. They will tell you when they need water. Their leaves will visibly droop. This is their way of saying: Mum I'm thirsty!

4- Humidity

They l-o-v-e high humidity levels since they natively grow in the tropics and that's why is SO important to mist the leaves, you will help to replicate the humid air that exists in the rainforest. We recommend using Plant Potion Remedy Foliar Spray to mist their leaves.

5- Fertiliser

Plant Potion Bloom! Seriously, we hear so many complaints about Peace Lilies not blooming. Why is this happening to yours? Because your girl is thirsty for Phosphorous and Potassium. High levels of those guys will promote extensive flower development and growth. Sounds like magic but it is actually science. plants.

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