How to Care for Your Photos Plant

How to Care for Your Photos Plant

Let's talk about a very popular indoor plant, Devil's Ivy or Pothos. This plant is popular for a number of reasons, It is a gorgeous group of vine-like plants, super low-maintenance, and easy for beginner gardeners to grow.


Your Pothos will tolerate low light (yes, you can have it in the bathroom) BUT will produce the best results in bright but indirect sunlight. Full sun is not recommended as it can burn the delicate foliage.


Pothos don't like wet feet, so your pot needs adequate drainage. Never ever forget about pots without drainage holes. This is non negotiable. Not to be dramatic, but drainage is life and death for plants.


Making it simple: Allow your plant to dry out between waterings. If you aren't sure how often to water your Devil's Ivy, here is one top tip: Don't overwater.  Another top tip is use your hands to check if your plants need water. Stick your fingers in up to the second knuckle. How does the soil feel? If it feels wet, hold off on watering. If it feels dry, that's for sure time to water.


They are rainforest plants, these guys love humidity! Keep them away from heaters or air conditioners because it can dry the air out. You can improve the humidity around them by misting occasionally with Plant Potion Remedy. It will boost their immune system and you will have greener and happier plants.


Just like us, plants need nutrients. I recommend fertilising your Pothos once a week with Plant Potion Grow. Grow is high in Nitrogen, your Pothos favorite food. They will grow stronger, and those annoying bugs won't even come close.

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