Why you should keep your plants clean and dust free.

Why you should keep your plants clean and dust free.

I will list here a few reasons you should keep your plants clean, dust free and how to do it.

  1. Because of a process called Photosynthesis. This process happens in the plant “lungs”, the stomates. Stomates are little pores in the leaves. You want them clean so your plants can breathe freely and absorb all the sunlight they need.
  2. Because dust is full of fine particles of solid matter. Everyday dust is full of things you don`t really want in your plant, like dead skin cells, pollution and sometimes even heavy metals (in case your plant in the balcony for an example).
  3. Because you want to keep those annoying bugs away and many of the times where are those bugs? There, in the leaves!

How to do it?

Give it a good clean every month

Use a microfibre cloth to catch all those cheeky particles.

Apply Plant Potion Remedy on the underside of every leaf to keep them misted and to boost their immune system.

Plant Potion Remedy will strengthen your plants while gently feed them. It is best recommended used in a combo with Plant Potion Grow or Bloom.


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